Video described introduction to Adee.

Features listed below

The first feature is Adee color contrast checker

Designers can select any color right inside a platform such as Figma or Adobe XD to check their contrast against WCAG guidelines. Adee let designers to have live preview of changes, they can have access to color palette and saved colors right inside the platform and adjust colors to improve accessibility and apply changes when they are happy with the results.

Adee Colorblind simulator

In Adee designers have access to 8 different types of colorblind simulations. After applying a mode, designers can select double view which let designers to use a slider in order to compare with their original work or a normal view. At the end designers can generate the results to modify if it’s required or even share it with their teammates.

Adee Touch Target Size Checker

This feature let designers to check size of a touch target against important standards such as Nielsen and WCAG recommendations or Apple devices and Android device recommendations. The tables on the right side show the test results as well as suggested size in order to meet accessibility standards.

Adee Alternative Text Generator

Adee help designers to create and generate alternative text for images in their design right inside the design platform they are using such as Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD.Designers can select any format of image then choose its type for example informative or decorative, enter the information they want save and then generate and share with their team.

Adee Report Generator and Sharing

By sharing test results with teams, stakeholders and managers, designers can create awareness within organizations.Many companies are waking up to the fact that embracing inclusive design and accessibility is leading to multiple benefits.These range from decreasing legal risks, strengthening brand presence as well as improving user experience.And Adee sharing feature can help designers with this purpose.